by Mooneer Salem ([email protected])

I'm a software engineer at a medical device company on the west coast of the US. Prior to (and alongside) this role, I have had significant experience in the open source community working on various different open source software projects, including several that I have personally started. My projects that are currently in development include newsrdr (a web-based RSS reader similar to the old Google Reader), arduino-ntpd and a Google map tracking chip enabled merchants in the US.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

Chip enabled credit and debit cards (and terminals that can process them) have been common in much of the world for over a decade. Contactless payment has also become increasingly popular, with the majority of card based transactions using it in some cases. The United States is now in the process of adopting this technology; however, unlike in most other countries, there are several significant differences with its implementation. In this talk, I'll talk about those differences and their consequences, both from a security and usability perspective. I'll also talk about open source software that I used to discover these differences and learn more about the underlying technology.

15 min
freenode #live
Privacy and Security