by oliver ([email protected])

Oliver has a background in computer networks and is a senior IT manager at a major weather forecasting centre in the UK. For over 20 years he's worked with software as a hobby and contributed to open source, mainly in Perl, and now leads the Netdisco project.

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Netdisco is an open source web-based application for computer network management, written in Perl and hosted at https://metacpan.org/pod/App::Netdisco and https://github.com/netdisco

It began life around 15 years ago in a large US university, and is now a well-known package globally within the network community, with a strong development team in Europe.

We’ll cover briefly the history of Netdisco, the original authors’ approach to open source, and deciding to do a major rewrite after 10 years. Then move on to how we’ve been successful, or not, in different ways over the years. I will describe how we support Netdisco (GitHub, SourceForge, freenode!), especially the challenges with an international open source project used by a diverse group of very large and very small organisations.

You might like this session if you run a small open source project and want to hear how others manage their projects and strive for success in a pseudonymous, collaborative, global space.

15 min
freenode #live
FOSS and Community