by James Wheare ([email protected])
from IRCv3, IRCCloud

James is a software developer and designer, and chairs the IRCv3 working group, an open standards body that publishes widely adopted improvements to the IRC protocol. He also runs IRCCloud, a service he started in 2010 to make it possible to stay connected to IRC from any device, with modern apps and features that make it a pleasure to chat. James sees huge potential for the IRC platform to grow, to support open communities, and to shape the future of collaboration.

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Gone are the days when IRC was the only place to engage with open source communities in real time. Now, projects have a gluttony of choice when deciding on a platform to host their community and development chat rooms. But how can we manage the problem where half the community insists on sticking to their painstakingly cludged together command line IRC configurations, and the other half just can't function without emoji reactions? Well, yes, it's more nuanced than that, but can we help bridge the gap by teaching an old protocol new tricks?

This talk will cover the IRCv3 working group's progress on modernising the IRC protocol, and how to use gateways to merge a forked community back together.

45 min
freenode #live
FOSS and Community