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If you develop or distribute software of any kind you are vulnerable to whole new categories of attack including blackmail, extortion or simple malware injection... even if all you distribute is the source code.

By going after software developers, malicious actors can attack and infect thousands — if not millions — of end-users.

However, the motivation behind "reproducible" builds is to allow verification that no flaws have been introduced during compilation processes. This prevents against the installation of backdoor introducing malware on developers' machines as well ensuring any attempts at blackmail are pointless or futile.

Through a story of three different developers, this talk will focus on this growing threat to developers and how it affects everyone involved in the production lifecycle of software development… as well as how reproducible builds can help prevent against it. It will also mention some of the cool tools that have come out of the Reproducible Builds development.

45 min
freenode #live